Ein Communications has a long history of crisis public relations and reputation management. We have worked in partnership with attorneys throughout the District, in helping clients avoid collateral damage after a data breach, shareholder lawsuit, investigation from a government agency or other public event. Rapid response, proactive media outreach, targeted messaging and deployment of third-party "credentialers" who will support the company, client or organization, are several key strategies to managing a crisis. 

Our Process

Ein Communications is positioned to work with crisis clients as follows:

*Ensure rapid response capabilities--including internal and external communications, and the delineation of a chain of command and/or corporate spokesperson with vetted public messaging and media training

*Create holding statements that can be used to reach the first news cycle in the event of a crisis

*Provide an environment that allows for continuity of critical business process and information flow throughout any crisis

*Work collaboratively with legal counsel to allow for uninterrupted audit trails

*Organize secure distribution channels for any messaging or multi-channel communications and provide strategic counsel to all internal parties on working through a crisis 


By anticipating and executing a pro-active crisis management plan, clients can transform an unexpected and negative scenario into one that can be controlled and contained. Organizing the interaction between media and public audiences ahead of a critical incident both allows clients to overcome challenges to their reputation and supports work being managed by their legal team.